We’ve got another year of great GSO bands to help put the party in your weekend, including:

Essex Muro | Saucer | Dick Wolf |  The Bronzed Chorus | Michael Joncas | Josh CrockerVaughn Aed | The Quarter Roys | Bob Fleming and The Cambria Iron Co. | Old Heavy Hands |  Tide Eyes | Transport 77 | Lightweight | Harry BarrowBlueberry | Basement Life | Instant Regrets | Echo CourtsHarrison Ford Mustang | Totally Slow | Ebon Shrike

*PLUS* FRIDAY (4/27) WILL FEATURE A COVER SHOW BY: “The Replacements” | “Prince” | “Blondie” | “The Cult” | “Foreigner”

Wanna go down memory lane? Here’s the GSOFest band list from 2017.

Played a GSOFest in the past? We’re total nerds for archives. Drop a line, we’d love to know!